Adobe Flash werkt niet in IE7 internet explorer 7


Even though IE6 is running IE6 fine with Adobe Flash Player 8 in my home WinXP computer, I took the advice from, which said IE7 may have problems with earlier versions of Adobe flash player, so I uninstall Adobe Flash 8.0 in my computer, and went to the official Adobe website to download then new Adobe Flash But when I tried to install it, the software apparently was not installable, a screen flashed by me (so I could not see what it said). And when I checked with Add/remove program to see if it was installed. The program was not there, and also when I checked IE6 for the add-on programs it is running, Adobe Flash 9 is not there. I have problems now using IE6.

I tried to download Flash 9 couple of times and reinstalled them, all were failures. What should I do?


I found out that the reason I was not able to install Adobe Flash 9 player was somehow related to corrupted WinXP system files, which was repaired by Windows File Protection, by running "sfc /scannow" at the command line. After that I was able to install IE7 and Adobe Flash 9 player, and everything works great.