On line shopping in China

Shopping in China

Yes, this is possible and not only for the Chinese people. You should not expect it because of the problems with Google, the communistic government, the poverty of the average Chinese citizens. But: they shop on line and how! China is the number one country with the most online shoppers!


China logical

With such a huge number of citizens, it is in fact no spectacular news that more than 140 million Chinese are sitting before a computer to shop. Internet sales doubled this year until now. And the government promotes consumption from all sides! So, it is not difficult to understand that E-commerce in this huge country is on the rise! Who is Alibaba? The largest electronic commerce company has a great name: 'Alibaba'. Alibaba.com is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses. It was founded in 1999 in Hangzhou. Today operating in more than 240 countries. Today they have offices in more than 60 cities across China, India, Japan, Korea, Europe and even the United States. For their online business they make use of 3 market places: - a global trade platform (www.alibaba.com). This platform is meant for importers and exporters; - a Chinese platform (www.1688.com) for domestic trade in China; and - a Japanese platform (www.alibaba.co.jp). Here you can do business to and from Japan. And last but not least there is www.aliexpress.com. This market place is specialized in smaller buyers who are looking for a (very) fast shipment of small quantities of goods.

My Alibaba?

This is your personal communication and trade management tool! You can check here your messages, you can build here you Product Listings, subscribe to and manage your trade alerts and organize and get updates. Conclusion It is all too many to explain in this short article. Our advice: visit this great website and be surprised! The Chinese equivalent to Ebay is Taobao.com.



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My Alibaba!